I’m a knitwear designer living in Paris (France) and knitting has been my passion for more than 7 years. For many years, I crushed on popular patterns on the Internet, and each time they did not fit me at all, and ended up at the bottom of my wardrobe. I did not want to stop knitting so I started a long process of research, on color, design and styles to find shapes which would really suit me. Gradually, I stopped making sweaters that hid my curves, and began switching to the “other side”: assume and enhance my strengths.

I was frustrated not to find a variety of patterns made for “real women”, whatever their body shape is, so I decided to launch a brand, which would be adapted to any woman.


Fascinated by new knitting techniques, and knowledge-sharing, I am also co-founder of a French free webzine, intheloop.fr, where I wrote more than 80 papers including many tutorials, material reviews, and trends analysis.

I hope you enjoy my work. I am always happy to get constructive feedback on the patterns I offer.

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