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On “Sequence 2 ” row 4 (WS) : K2, M1R on the purl side, *YO,
K2tog* (repeat between * until you have 2sts
left), YO, M1L on the purl side, K2.

The sts count at the end of each sequence is 
changing accordingly:
End of first sequence 2 : 86sts.
146 sts at the end of sequence 1.
164 sts at the end of sequence 2.
224 sts at the end of sequence 1.
242 sts at the end of sequence 2.
302 sts at the end of sequence 1.
320 sts at the end of sequence 2.
Change to MC and repeat Sequence 1 for 18 
rows only (instead of 20).
You now have 374 sts (before border)

Border :
K all sts on the next row. Make 4 increases on this row 
by repeating row 1 of sequence 2 (adding more sts in 
the middle if you have some sts missing), until 
you reach a sts number multiple of 7.

Lace border repeat (54 times) :
You should have 54 repeat of the lace pattern, ending with 
a row 12. Next row, work Row 13, 
but binding-off the sts as you work them.



Each pattern you buy gives you an illimited time support. This support includes :

The support is by email only. This does not include help for customization and pattern modifications.


I work really hard to make sure that my patterns have the highest quality possible and most patterns have been carefully tested. However, I’m only human so unfortunately errors sometimes slip through.

When I find an error I update the pdf version as quickly as possible on Ravelry and send out an updated version to everyone who has purchased it.

If you are having problems with your project please first check that you have the most up to date version of the pattern. If you don’t find the solution, here is how things work:

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